Transportation – Rail Infrastructure Maintainer

Production Team Analytical Capability

Business Challenge

  • To significantly improve operational performance in Track Renewals by better leveraging Management Information.


  • The Leadership Team recognised that they needed a more rigorous approach to quickly identifying and understanding the root cause of production losses, “lost shifts”, and underperformance.
  • Accountability was difficult to determine, and there was little confidence that root causes were being adequately addressed and eliminated.
  • Existing business reviews had become ‘mechanistic’ with little or no real benefit being yielded.


  • A robust Production Loss Management capability was introduced, involving daily analysis/actioning and weekly reporting & control reviews.
  • A more strategic review of Production Loss data led to a more comprehensive overhaul of production reporting and root cause analysis centring on Production and Plant teams.

Key Achievements & Value Delivered

  • A 12% increase in ‘Plan versus Actual’ Production volume to 84% was achieved.
  • Further to this, actions resulting from the introduction of the root cause analysis process were assigned – these involved all parts of the organisation and covered Development and Planning activity up to 3 years in advance of Production activity.

‘Typically we gather a vast amount of data, but do little with it. This rigorous approach to Production Loss Reporting and Actioning has led directly to improved production performance. It is now recognised that losses are not purely down to the production team- much of the loss occurs during the development and planning stages.’

Senior Operations Manager