A Unique Firm – A Unique Service

Our Heritage:Ingersoll Engineers is one of the best known and most respected brands in manufacturing and engineering. Our name is synonymous with quality, innovation and real expertise.

Our Thought Leadership:The firm who developed and codified “Just in Time”,”Lean Manufacturing” and “The Agile Enterprise”, we are continually redefining best practice in this area.

Our Focus:We focus 100% on the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors which in turn sustains and extends our unique depth of knowledge.

Our People:All of our consultants have at least 15 years of relevant experience, and are genuine experts in their functional area or industry sub-sector. We do not employ junior consultants and never will.

Our Pragmatism:Ingersoll Engineers is, and will always be, a “hands on” partner. Our focus will always be on delivering tangible financial results, not just reports. Because we can.

Our Passion:Sometimes expertise alone isn’t enough. We believe that we have a substantial and value-adding role to play in our chosen sectors, and that our passion for what we do is critical to our success and to our client’s success.

Our Size:As a small, independent firm with minimal overheads, we are more agile, more responsive, and more commercially flexible than our competitors, and provide considerably greater value for money.