Aerospace – Composite Aerostructures Manufacturer

Business Strategy Operational Realization

Business Challenge
Create a globally recognised composite aerostructures manufacturing capability, providing the opportunity for Nationals to develop and utilize skills and knowledge

  • The client’s 2030 Plan focused on a diversification policy, away from its traditional petrochemical sector, leading to the creation of several new productive high technology, capital intensive ventures
  • As part of this plan, a significanvestment t inwas made in developing an integrated aerospace business


Overall programme management of the start-up of a $150m aerostructures business, including customer contracting, facility design & construction, workforce recruitment & training, quality certifications and business architecture

Key Achievements & Value Delivered

  • Contracts valued in excess of $1.5b
  • 12 months from ‘ground breaking’ to first customer delivery
  • 450 staff recruited, trained and qualified
  • EN9100 certification achieved
  • ERP & PLM systems implemented supporting end-to-end business processes

Defence – Ejector Seat Manufacturer

Product Cost Reduction

Business Challenge
To reduce product cost for a key product by 30% in order to become the preferred supplier of ejector seats for a major new aircraft.
Our client recognized that a 30% reduction in product cost would be necessary to secure this critical contract.
Their initial focus was on replacing their ageing business systems, but soon realized that a more fundamental assessment of their manufacturing strategy was required.


  • Working with a multi-disciplined project team, every component part of the entire bill of material was physically reviewed to identify synergies and manufacturing cell & stage opportunities.
  • The manufacturing facility was then re-aligned into component group ‘cells’, and the assembly line prepared to allow for a flow-line stage build.
  • Employees were trained and then asked to participate in Kaizen initiatives, enabling greater involvement and ownership of new ways of working.

Key Achievements & Value Delivered

  • 30% product cost reduction.
  • Lean operating architecture established.

Aerospace & Defence – Military Aerostructures Manufacturer

Operational Performance Improvement

Business Challenge
Design and implement a new Operating Model based on Lean Principles to enable a doubling of production rates as well as other significant operational improvement targets
Faced with an order book demanding a doubling of their typical production rates and a facility requiring substantial investment, the change programme was launched, with our support, to meet order book requirements and provide a solid platform for future aircraft manufacturing capability


  • Worked with the management team, union officials and members of the workforce to design the new Operating Model
  • Designed separate production flowlines for Wing and Fuselage
  • Implemented “pull systems” for all internally made components and supplied items
  • Implemented cross-functional Integrated Product Teams
  • Developed a “balanced scorecard” performance management framework

“I was very impressed by the massive changes that have been achieved through the Project and the obvious enthusiasm and commitment to success displayed by everyone…”
Client COO
“We would never have been able to secure the business case without the help of the consultants“
Client Project Manager

Key Achievements & Value Delivered

  • 55% reduction in inventory
  • 20% reduction in man hours
  • Transfer of 60 indirect personnel to direct activities
  • Substantial reduction in subcontracting costs